June 2017

Cat nurse
My cat nurse, Luna, taking good care of me by licking my face.

Hi Everyone!

I am currently laid up at home, bored out of my mind! About a week ago I was playing with my kids and hurt my back. The doctor says it is a strained ligament, and has prescribed physiotherapy, short walks, and rest. I can’t sit upright for very long without pain, so unfortunately that means I can’t do any clay work! Or much of anything else, for that matter. It suuuucks, I am so bored. You never know how much you want to do things until you can’t do any things.

But, I am being well taken care of, my husband is doing most of what I usually do around the house, and my kids are being mostly helpful too, and my cat is doing her best to make me feel better too (apparently this means keeping my face “clean”and purring on my feet). I’m hoping to be mostly back to normal in a couple of weeks. Let me tell you, that can’t come soon enough! We have brand new kayaks to try out, and the weather is finally nice enough!