Figurines/Cake Toppers

Supernatural’s Castiel
Supernatural’s Castiel
Giraffe Figure
Teacher Gift: Owl on Books
Teacher Gift: Bookworm Figurine
Teacher Gift: Bookworm and Books with Quiet Sign
Teacher Gift: Two Little Owls
Custom Memorial Pet Dog Figurine
Custom Wedding Cake Topper: Two Owls on a Dog Sled
Custom Wedding Cake Topper: Two Owls
Custom Wedding Cake Topper: Canadian Military Groom and Bride
Custom Figurines: Family
Twin Girls with Glasses Figurine
Mash-Up: Star Wars and Katamari Damacy Figurines
Boba Fett Inspired Figurine
Unikitty Inspired Figurine
Katamari Damacy Inspired Queen Figurine
Katamari Damacy Inspired Figurine: The Prince
Little Teapot, Mug and Flowers Figurine
Mini Gingerbread House Figurine
Winter House Mini Figurine
Witch Figurine with Cauldron