Wine Charms

A set of wine charms I made to donate to a rescue organization fundraiser. Different dog breeds from left to right: Chihuahua, Westie, Pug, Bulldog, Spaniel, and Labrador.

Set of 6 Wine Charms: Dog Faces

I also donated a set of colourful paw print charms!

Dog Lovers Wine Charms, Paw Print Wine Charms


These ones were a custom order, English Sheepdogs and Bouviers.

Custom Wine Charms: Dog Faces


I’ve done many sets of Superhero Wine Charms!

Set of 10 Superhero Wine Charms
Set of 6 Superhero Wine Charms
Set of 6 Superhero Wine Charms


Star Wars ones have also been popular.

Set of 6 Star Wars Inspired Wine Charms
Set of 12 Star Wars Inspired Wine Charms


I’ve made wine charms for book lovers…

Set of 6 Book Lovers Wine Charms
Book Lover Wine Charms


…and wine charms to celebrate summer!

Set of 6 Flip-Flop Wine Charms
Flip-flop Wine Charms


For ’80s video game fans:

Set of 6 Pac-Man Wine Charms


Pretty flowers

Flower Wine Charms
Flower Wine Charms


For the gardening enthusiast:

Set of 6 Gardening Themed Wine Charms


For an aspiring screenwriter:

Custom Wine Charms: For an Aspiring Screenwriter


Here’s a set customised for a wedding party:

Custom Wine Charms: Personalised for Wedding Party


For the Star Trek fan:

Star Trek Inspired Insignia Wine Charms


Nintendo Inspired

Set of 14 Nintendo Inspired Wine Charms


Gears of War Inspired

Gears of War Inspired Wine Charms