How To Order

  • The first step is to figure out what it is that you’d like me to make.
      • If you like something you’ve seen here, I can make another for you (due to the fact it’s handmade, it won’t be exactly as seen in the pictures, but should be close).
      • If you have something in mind that you don’t see here, tell me about it. You can use as much detail as possible, or be vague and let me create it as I see fit.
      • Decide if you want it to be a figurine, fridge magnet, Christmas ornament, necklace, etc. I am open to trying new things, if it’s something I’ve never done before I’ll let you know if I think it’s possible.
  • Tell me this in an ). I will let you know if it’s something that I think I can do, give you an estimate of how long it will take, and set a price (including shipping).
  • If the price is ok and you decide to go ahead with the order, once it is ready I will set up a reserved listing for you in my store ( ) and e-mail you the link. Then, when you’re ready, you can pay using their secure check out process (requires a credit/debit card or a Paypal account). Once payment has been received, I’ll put your order in the mail.
  • Occasionally for highly customized orders, I may ask for payment in advance.

Some things I’ve done before:

Christmas ornaments

Figurines / 3D figures

Fridge magnets


Wine charms



Some things I’d like to make (and am possibly already working on):

Bottle stoppers

Picture frames


(I’m always open to suggestions for this list too!)

Please Note:

Some things just aren’t going to work given the materials I use. For instance, polymer clay is not suitable for things that may come in contact with food (mugs, plates, bowls, etc). It is also not suitable for toys for small children as pieces could break off and pose a choking hazard. And some things it just isn’t strong enough for.


4 thoughts on “How To Order

  1. OMG — I love the CI one you made for the woman. If you could make one for a girl that would be great! Even better — I adopted my daughter from Guatemala so she has slightly darker skin and dark shoulder length hair. I would even buy one for my older daughter (who I adopted from Russia) and was a little envious of my younger daughter getting all the extra attention for her cochlear implants. She has light brown hair, below the shoulder, and white skin. If you need more details, I’d be happy to provide!

  2. I would please like to order a dead pool with candy canes on the back. Can you please contact me and let me know how much?

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